Profit Centers

Let companies advertise or engage your membership to generate revenue or secure marketing development dollars.

Generate Advertising Revenue

Generate revenue by selling advertising space on the portal home page. Companies purchase banner ads, sponsored ads or one of three feature boxes to raise their profile with your audience.

Feature in Emails

Create a “featured” section in your portal newsletter and sell that slot to a business that wants to be promoted. Offer vendors custom emails to highlight their services.

Sell Content Catalogs

Provide your suppliers or companies with a segment of your portal so they can engage your audience by adding marketing materials, product information or training to inspire your audience to sell or purchase their services.

Feature in Webinars

Create a sponsored webinar program so a company’s webinar appears on your home page calendar, an invitation is delivered to portal members, and the webinar recording is featured after the event.

Deliver Marketing Campaigns

Use the Message Library to promote featured businesses to your portal members. Charge businesses to be featured in email marketing campaigns that members deliver to potential prospects or customers.

Highlight on Member Dashboards

Offer a tile in the member dashboard dedicated to the featured company and use that tile to display content about the company and its services.

Connect to Order Entry

Prospects or customers view product information, then can connect directly to your online order entry system to purchase products they are interested in.

Offer an ROI Analysis

Provide participating advertisers, catalog owners, or companies with an ROI analysis showing views, clicks, and email outreach responses.