Customer Portals

Help customers find the content & training they need, keep them engaged, get their feedback, and gain insight on their interests.

Manage Customers

Attract customers to join your portal, collect profile information and manage them in the CRM system. Create customer types to customize the content they see to focus your audience’s attention.

Manage Webinars

Add webinars to the event calendar, promote them using the Message Library and register individuals. Record the event and post it to the portal. Registrations and recording views are detailed in reports.

Personalize Content

Customers search for content they are most interested in and bookmark that content in the member dashboard. Content is collected into directories and displayed to customers based on their interests.

Marketing Campaigns

Use the portal’s message library to market to your customers. Use the Conduct™ Campaign technology to create a library of email marketing campaigns for your sales force to personalize customer outreach, and manage information flow.

Connect to Administrative Portals

Connect order entry or administrative portals to Convey Networked portals for content, training & marketing management. The Convey's API establishes members from your administrative systems and gives them a seamless experience as they look at content in the portal, then access other tasks in your portals without having to log in and out.

Gather Feedback

Create feedback forms and post them anywhere on the portal. You are notified each time a form is filled out. Ask customers to update their profile information in the member dashboard to learn more about them.

Discussion Forums

Create opportunities for customers to ask questions, learn from you and from each other. You set the conversation topics, moderate and monitor discussions and the portal notifies customers about daily forum activity.

Analyze Customer Behavior

Convey Networked Portals records each time a customer logs in, visits a content catalog, interacts with posts, registers for an event, or fills out a form. Access customer activity in portal reports or create your own custom views.